Myron’s Prime Steakhouse Menu

Myron’s Prime Steakhouse proudly serves Midwestern corn fed USDA Prime Beef which is the top 2% of the nation’s total beef production. Each short loin is hand-picked, dry-aged for 14 days, and then wet-aged for 28 days, a unique process that naturally tenderizes the beef and enhances its characteristic flavor. From the feedlot to a state-of-the-art oven, our steaks represent beef the way it should be. Welcome to Myron’s, enjoy!
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Shrimp Myron  Shrimp Myron
  • Shrimp Cocktail
    Shrimp Remoulade  Shrimp Remoulade
  • Stuffed Quail
    Wasabi Seared Tuna
    Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms  Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Scallops  Scallops

    Soup du Jour
    French Onion Soup  French Onion Soup

    Chopped Salad
    Sliced Tomato & Onion
    SteakHouse Wedge  Steakhouse Wedge
  • Caesar Salad  Caesar Salad
  • Myron’s Salad



    Fresh Spinach
    Spinach Au Gratin
    Fresh Broccoli
    Stuffed Tomatoes  Stuffed Tomato
  • Jalapeno Mac & Cheese  Jalapeno Mac n Cheese
  • Sauteed Mushrooms
    Creamed Spinach
    Green Beans
    Broccoli Au Gratin  Broccoli Au Gratin
  • Fresh Asparagus
    Whole Kernel Corn


    Mashed – with roasted garlic
    Baked – baked  Baked Potato
  • Steak Fries – four quarters
    Shoestring – thin & crispy  Shoestring Potatoes
  • Myronnaise – with sauteed onions
    Au Gratin – cheesy & creamy  Potatoes Au Gratin


    Large Filet – 12 oz
    Ribeye – 16 oz
    Kansas City Strip – 16 oz
    Bone-In Filet – 12 oz  Bone-In Filet
  • Mixed Grill – filet, quail, shrimp & stuffed tomato
    Double-Cut Pork Chops – “old style”  Pork Chop
  • Australian Lobster Tail – drawn butter & lemon  Australian Lobster Tail
  • Fresh Scallops
    Alaskan King Crab Legs – drawn butter & lemon
    Chateaubriand for Two – 24 oz  Chateaubriand for Two
  • Filet – 8 oz  Filet Mignon
  • Bone-In Ribeye – 22 oz  Bone-In Ribeye
  • T-Bone – 22 oz
    Filet & Shrimp – 3 shrimp, grilled or in Myron’s butter
    Rack of Lamb – served with mint jelly  Rack of Lamb
  • The Bird – herb-marinated, oven roasted
    Surf & Turf – any steak, any lobster
    Catch of the Day
    Live Maine Lobster – 3.25 to 5 lbs.



    Fresh Seasonal Berries in Creme Anglaise  Fresh Berries on Creme Anglaise
  • Double-Chocolate Brownie  Double-Chocolate Brownie
  • Chocolate Cake  Chocolate Cake
  • Bread Pudding with Maker’s Mark Sauce  Bread Pudding
  • Creme Brulee  Creme Brulee
  • Pecan Pie  Pecan Pie
  • Cheesecake Topped with Infused Berries  Cheesecake
  • Myron’s Ice Cream  Myron’s Ice Cream

    Myron’s Steak House Coffee  Myron’s Steak House Coffee
  • Espresso
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